Vocal Tuition

Improve Singing Technique - Develop
Confidence - Discover Your Voice

I offer singing lessons to people of any age, ability, style or background. I've been lucky in my life to have received personal tuition from some incredible singers across multiple genres, so I am very familiar with just how helpful specific, tailored tuition can be for developing one's voice.

My lessons are carefully tailored specifically for the individual student. We begin with a thorough vocal warm-up, before doing some vocal exercises designed to address specific areas or concerns the student wishes to work on. We then explore a particular song, (usually of the student's choosing, though I will also recommend repertoire) unpacking the vocal and performance demands of the piece

I run sessions out of a studio space at a house in Great Wyrley. Sessions are available on Wednesdays and Fridays. My standard sessions are 45 minutes long and cost £25. Longer or shorter sessions can be offered upon request, and a new price would be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

If you want to improve your singing technique, develop your confidence and discover your voice, get in touch via the contact page of the site. You can also find more information, up-to-date news and reviews over on my Facebook page (link in the tab at the top of the page).